Fermentors for the secondary fermentation process

The secondary fermentation is a maturation of beer/cider/wine under pressure and in low temperature

After the primary fermentation so-called young or green beer is pumped into another container, wherein continuing secondary beer fermentation process has a lower intensity, but at a lower temperature and higher pressure, while the beer is naturally saturated with carbon dioxide. This part of the fermentation process is called maturation of beer, also known as the lagering process of beer.

Fermentors for the secondary beer fermentation

The cylindrical stainless steel containers which are designed for the second stage of beer fermentation – maturation. Those tanks are equipped with an inspection door, sanitary shower, adjustable pressure valve and fittings for filling and draining beer. We produce them on demand as a versatile tanks that combine function both fermentation and maturation tanks and also pressure bottling tanks – the combi tanks.

This category includes the pressure stainless steel tanks with both vertical and horizontal orientation, without or with the PUR insulation. All the tanks are equipped with the fermentation control mechanism for fine adjusting of pressure in the tanks. Temperature may to be easily regulated with the local or central control system.

These fermentors are intended for the maturation of all carbonated alcoholic beverages like beer, cider or sparkling wine.

We offer these kinds of fermentors for the secondary fermentation :

I. Secondary fermentation (maturation, carbonization, conditioning phase) – secondary fermentors

BMF : Tanks for the secondary fermentation – pressure vessels intended only to the secondary fermentation (maturation) of beer, cider, wine – the conditioning, natural carbonation under pressure in low temperature. They are equipped with fermentation lock and the special armature with the manometer and adjustable pressure valve.

II. Both the primary and secondary fermentation in the same tank – universal fermentors and sets

Universal tanks for both primary and secondary fermentation of beer, cider, wine in the same vessel without the pumping beverage between two tanks.

  • CCT : Cylindrically-conical fermentation tanks – universal pressurizable tank intended for both primary and secondary fermentation of beer, cider, wine in the same vessel without the pumping beverage between two tanks. Available for all kinds of fermenting beverages. The cone bottom allows easy separation of yeast from beverage to later use.
  • FUIC : Compact fermentation units – the compact devides that include all what is needed for both the primary and secondary fermentation of beer, cider, wine. One, two, three or four cylindrically-conical fermentors, cooling unit, temperature control system, frame.
  • CFS : Complete fermentation sets – Fully equipped sets for the fermentation and maturation of alcoholic beverages under pressure (beer, wine, cider) that are equipped with classical cylindrical-conical tanks and all equipment that is needed for controlled cooling of the tanks with fermenting beverage.