Fermentation pressure adjusting mechanismCCT Cylindrically-conical fermentation tanks, CCF Cylindrically-conical fermenters. These are the most commonly used, typical brewery tanks, that are designed especially for production of alcoholic beverages like beer, carbonized wine or beverage cider. They are designed to fermentation of alcoholic beverages under pressure. In pressure version, the tanks are available also for secondary fermentation process (maturation of beverage under pressure). In this case, it is possible to use them also as serving tanks (bright beer tanks – BBT) before filling of beverage into kegs or bottles, kegs or other packages. We produce all these devices either in model configurations or according to individual customer requirements. For example, we can equippe this type of the tanks also with additional armatures for filtration of beverages, for extraction of hops into cold beer (dry hopping).
All the tanks are equipped with the fermentation control mechanism for fine adjusting of pressure in the tanks. Temperature may to be easily regulated with the local or central control system.