Cider production, distribution and sale technology

This category includes all equipment to production, distribution and sale of cider. Cider production lines, fruit processing machines, cider production tanks, cider fermentors like cider fermentation and maturation tanks, cleaning devices, cooling equipment, heating equipment, cider filtration and pasteurization devices, equipment to dispensing cider, facilities for filling cider into bottles, kegs, cans etc.

Cider production technology

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Main subcategories – the cider production equipment :

  1. Cider production lines – fully equipped basic sets of the cider production technology.
  2. Fruit processing – all what is needed to preparation of fruit must.
  3. Fermentation system – cider production tanks and all equipment needed for the cider fermentation process
  4. Final conditioning system – Equipment for extraction ingrediences into cider, filtration, pasteurization, carbonization of cider and other final conditioning of cider – the final cider processing.
  5. Filling system – Equipment for cleaning packages and isobaric filling of cider into sale packages like kegs, bottles, PET bottles, Petainers, cans, bag-in-box. Packing of cider before the sale.
  6. Support system – Cooling & heating systems, control systems, measuring, cleaning and sanitizing, gas systems and other support systems in the cider production lines.
  7. Acccessories – Connection armatures, fittings for cider production tanks, hoses, pipes, cables, frames and other material for the connections between the cider production equipment.

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