Kegland Kegerator for everybody

who likes draft beer, cider, wine or kombucha

Kegerator is a compact system that includes all you need for serving of cold draft beer at home or party.

A kegerator is a specialized refrigerator designed to store beer or other beverage in kegs and dispense beverage directly from the kegs. The kegerator is a very compact solution which includes space for kegs, keg dispense couplers, a dispense stand with taps and all needed hose connections in one cooled box. It’s a must-have for enthusiasts who want to enjoy draft beer, cider, wine or kombucha at home or serve cold draft beverages to friends on a party.

The KegLand kegerators – bestsellers between all kegerators

We offer kegerators produced by the KegLand company which are made in very good quality and for very good price. The main advantage is their compatibility with very favourite small kegs, fermzillas, kegmenter and cuvettes. We offer also all available accessories for the KegLand fermenters.