Who we are

Czech Mini Breweries is a trade mark of the company Czech brewery system s.r.o.. This company is a Czech manufacturer of breweries and industrial lines for production of beer, wine and other carbonizated beverages. We produce all beverage production equipment based on a traditional and modern Czech conception. Main mission of the company is to spread the reputation of high quality Czech beer, Czech breweries and other traditional beverage production lines all over the world.


Our factory

What we offer

Our design and production team offers construction and modernization of breweries and microbreweries. We also produce special stainless steel vessels (pressure tanks, jacketed refrigerated containers, vessels with agitators, containers for yeast growing, etc.) We offer also design works for projects of new breweries or rebuilding current breweries and production lines for beer or cider, brewmaster services and consultation for producers of beer, wine and beverage cider.

Who are our customers

The breweries and brewing equipment manufactured by Czech brewery system are installed in Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, Great Britain, Finland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Rossia and in many other countries – see our references

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How does the contract for the purchase of equipment look like ?

Download and read …. Template of sales agreement for the device from this eshop