FUIC – Compact fermentation units with the independent cooling system

Universal compact units fully equipped for the both primary and secondary fermentation of beer, cider, wine

The compact fermentation units consist of all what is needed for the fully controlled fermentation and maturation process during an alcoholic beverage production. The FUIC unit includes one, two, three or four cylindrically-conical tanks, one or more water coolers, measuring and control system and a base frame made of stainless steel with adjustable legs or wheels.

This simple modular system allows the assembling of the small brewery only by customer without technical specialists, without a building reconstruction, without project work, step by step. This device is also designed for testing samples new types of beer, cider, sparkling wine or other carbonated beverages.

Designed to use with beer, cider, sparkling wine.

We produce and offer these types of the FUIC compact fermentation units :