Beverage dispensing tanks for beer or cider, with the “Bag-In-Box” system

Pressure tanks with a plastic bag intended to storage of finalized beer or cider and for dispensing of carbonated beverages directly from tanks into glasses in pubs and restaurants

Serving tanks for carbonated beverages like beer, cider, with the bag-in-box systemThe beverage dispensing tanks are equipped with a special plastic bags for safety storage of beverage. It allows the pressurizing of tank by non-filtered air without a contamination of beverage by air. Beverage is separated from air with the plastic bag. It allows the pressurising of the tank by non-cleared compressed air without a contamination of beverage by air, because the beverage is isolated from air by the plastic bag inside the tank. We produce the serving tanks as non-insulated (cooled by air) or insulated (cooled by cold water).

Main advantages of this kind of the beverage dispensing tanks :

  • Beverage can be pushed from the tanks using only pressurized air without any filtration
  • Saving costs for inert gases like carbondioxide, nitrogen, biogon etc.
  • The tanks need not be chemicaly cleaned and sanitized after each use. Only drinking water and hose is enough to clean of the tanks one time per month
  • Easy and quick exchange of the plastic bag before a new filling of the tank
  • Beer or other beverages served directly from tanks into glasses taste more freshly and have better sensoric characteristics than drinks served from stainless steel kegs, petainers or bottles

We offer these types of the beverage dispensing tanks with the “bag-in-box” system :