Compact fermentation units with the independent cooling system and simplified CCT-SLP cylindrically-conical fermentors

Universal fully equipped compact fermentation units with simplified non-insulated cylindrically-conical tanks, maximal pressure 1.2bar, intended for the both primary and secondary fermentation of beer, cider, wine

FUIC-SLP Compact fermentation units with simplified fermentors : Non-insulated, low-pressure CCT/CCF cylindrically-conical tanks, cooling and control system, stainless steel mobile frame. The fermentors can be optionaly equipped with simple insulation jackets.

Designed to use with beer, cider, sparkling wine.

Compact fermentation units include one or more pieces of low-pressure non-insulated cylindrically-conical fermenters designed to controlled fermentation and maturation of beer (or other similar beverages) under pressure. The units include also common integrated water-glycol chiller for cooling of all fermenters. The fermenters are equipped with apparatus to accurate adjusting of pressure from 0.0bar up to 1.2bar.