Craft breweries with the wort brew machine BREWORX CLASSIC 1000 and fermentors 1000L or 2000L

BREWORX CLASSIC 1000 are restaurant craft breweries for big-size restaurants which consist of the luxury wort brew machine BREWORX CLASSIC 1000 and a fully equipped set of the professional beer fermentation tanks with a nominal capacity 1000 or 2000 liters per tank

BREWORX CLASSIC 1000 breweries – basic recommended configurations of breweries with the Breworx Classic 1000 wort brew machine and beer fermentation tanks with volume 1000 or 2000 liters.

Breworx Classic 2000 breweries - beer production system for middle-size restaurantsTypical sets of breweries equipped with the BREWORX CLASSIC 1000 machine for wort production. BREWORX CLASSIC 1000 breweries are medium-size craft breweries intended mainly for large-size restaurants and pubs with their own beer production.

They are equipped with luxurious brewhouse wort machine and modern professional equipment for beer production like cylindrical and conical beer fermentors or open fermentation vats, automatic cooling system, cleaning and sanitizing system etc. It is possible to use them to production of all known types of beer.

Beer production capacities from 750 hectoliters up to 6000 hectoliters per year according to number fermentation tanks, their volume and kind beer to be produced.

The BREWORX CLASSIC 1000 machine for preparation of wort has a traditional design which is typical for Czech brewery school. All components that are necessary to production of wort are integrated to two multifunction tanks. Each tank ensures several functions. This type of the wort brew machine is able to produce from one to two batches of wort per day, if malt is used for the brewing, or up to three batches of wort per day, if malt extract is used instead malt. We produce the machine in two different variations – with the stainless steel or copper outer design. The machine is usually placed and operates directly in interior of the restaurant where a master brewer operates with him front of all visitors of the restaurant. Luxury traditional design of the visualy complicated wort production machine in the middle of the restaurant is a good marketing tool which pull a customer attention.

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