Typical sets of breweries equipped with the BREWORX LITE-ME machine for wort production using only malt concentrate, water and hops. BREWORX LITE-ME breweries are small and medium-size craft breweries intended mainly for restaurants and pubs with their own beer production. They are equipped with simplified brewhouse wort machine with luxury design and modern professional beer production equipment like cylindrical and conical beer fermentors or open fermentation vats, automatic cooling system, cleaning and sanitizing system etc. It is possible to use them to production of all known types of beer, which malt concentrates and recipes are available for.

BREWORX LITE-ME – the simplified breweries intended for restaurant and pubs

Main part of the BREWORX LITE-ME brewery is the simplified wort brew machine of traditional Czech construction, with luxurious design, which is intended for placing in restaurant interior. The brewhouse can be produced fully of stainless steel or with a copper outer jacket :

Wort brew machine BREWORX LITE-ME - the brewhouse for production malt from malt concentratesThis solution is particularly suitable for restaurant small breweries, where the wort brew machine is placed directly in a room reserved for guests, but the owner of the brewery wants to produce beer with less requirement of time and energy. The brewhouse wort machine is becoming the centrepiece of the restaurant and attracts visitors’ attention, which is important for the growth of visit rate of the brewery.

BREWORX LITE ME brewery compared to classical arrangement of wort brew machine does not allows beer production from classic raw materials. Malt is replaced by malt extract, what is a concentrate made for easy mixing of malt mash in the water obtain sweet wort.

This method eliminates most difficult phase of the brewing process of beer production – the preparation of wort mash and its filtering. After obtaining wort the process continues boiling of wort with hops and the final whirlpooling of wort to separation of hops from the wort. Then follows it by the cooling of wort before start of the fermentation of beer in the stainless steel tanks.

This is more economical brewing method than required by the traditional method preparation of wort beginning with mixing of milled malt in water.

This allows the production of many types of beer from one concentrate only by select different hops types.

Scheme of example configuration of the Breworx Lite-ME craft brewery

Scheme of the example brewery BREWORX LITE-ME

These sample sets do not include our labor (installation work and our assistance with start up of the equipment on place) and shipping costs. They will be calculated individually according to each place to delivery and installation. We offer the craft breweries also in other configurations. We can send our offer for your demand.