BREWORX OPPIDUM breweries are the industrial medium-size breweries with the special wort brew system designed to production big volumes of wort. The wort brew machine is equipped with six multifunction tanks that allow a parallel production up to six batches of wort at the same time. This industrial brewery system intended for beer productio in large volumes.

Wort brew system BREWORX OPPIDUM

BREWORX OPPIDUM breweries of our production have not their name by accident. The Oppidum was a Celtic fortress in which the original settlers in the Bohemian area produced predecessor of today beer at a time when the wars between the European tribes take a pause for a moment .

Also the OPPIDUM wort brew machine reminds a fortress whose design is not purposeless. The integration of all containers needed for the wort production process into a single unit on a common platform, as well as the complement of the machine with dedicated boiler for boiling wort with hops and separated whirlpool tank, allows the most efficient beer production up to six simultaneously prepared batches.

Thanks to that the wort brew machine enables the production of up to 5 batches of wort per 24 hours in the production of beer types prepared by the decoction method, or even up to 6 batches per 24 hours in the production of wort using the infusion .

Scheme of example configuration of the industrial BREWORX OPPIDUM breweries

Scheme of the brewery Breworx Oppidum

These sample sets do not include our labor (installation work and our assistance with start up of the equipment on place) and shipping costs. They will be calculated individually according to each place to delivery and installation. We offer the Oppidum breweries also in other configurations. We can send our offer for your demand.