BREWORX TRITANK –  an industrial wort brew machine

Brewhouse machines with three special multi-functional tanks and ergonomic industrial design

Breworx Tritank - the wort brewing system

Wort brew machine TRITANK

BREWORX TRITANK wort brew machines are the main components of the BREWORX COMPACT industrial breweries. The BREWORX TRITANK brewhouse machine for preparation of wort has a practical industrial design which is typical for European small and medium-size breweries.

All components that are necessary to production of wort are integrated to three universal tanks. Each tank ensures several functions.

Ergonomic positioning of all functional and control parts of the wort brew machine and very effective production of wort are main benefits of this model.

This type of the wort brew machine is able to produce from one to two batches of wort per day, if malt is used for the brewing, or up to three batches of wort per day, if malt extract is used instead malt.

We produce the machine of stainless steel. The machine is usually placed and it works in the industrial brewery room but it may be also placed directly in interior of the restaurant. Industrial design of the complicated wort production machine in the middle of the restaurant is a good marketing tool which pull a customer attention.

The BREWORX TRITANK wort brew machine consists of :

Tritank brewhouse with the square footprintFunctional tanks :

1. Mashing tank / Wort boiling tank – Multifunction vessel equipped with steam duplicator and stirrer for the mashing of malt grains in watert and for the boiling of wort with hops.
2. Filtering tank – the tank wit special sieve to separation of malt rests from wort before boiling wort with hops. This tank is used also for temporary storage part of mash during the decoction mash boiling process.
3. Whirlpool tank – tank equipped with a tangential inlet for centrifugal separation of solid hop rests from wort.

Other functional parts :

  • Service platform with stairs for easy access to the tanks and all control elements
  • Pipe system with a centrifugal pump and manualy and pneumaticaly controled valves, flow-through pipe element with sight glass
  • Heating system for mashing and boiling of wort based on hot steam as a heat transfering medium with external steam generator
  • Integrated wort cooler (optional accessory) with the aeration candle
  • Electric system for measuring and manual or automatic control of the wort brewing process
  • Control panel with touch display
  • Condenser of of vapors from the wortbrewing process with the ventilator and regulation (optional accessory)
  • Lift mechanism of the stirrer in the filtering tank (optional accessory)

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We produce these types of the BREWORX TRITANK brewhouse machine :