Cylindrical tanks for store beverages under pressure
Simplified pressure adjusting mechanismThe cylindrical beverage tanks for storing of pure beverage, pressure service tanks, called also BBT – bright beer tanks. They are the stainless steel pressure tanks, that are designed for temporary storage of finalized beverages under pressure, for carbonization or flavoring beverages. The tanks are usually used for filtration of beverage, for filling of beverages into bottles or into kegs, and for other final operations during production of beer, wine or cider. We produce all these devices either in model configurations or according to individual customer requirements. For example, we can equippe this type of the tanks also with additional armatures for filtration of beverages or for the extraction of hops into cold beer (dry hopping). The stirrer with motor for the mixing of beverages may be installed as optional accessories as well.

This type of the beer storage tank is equipped with simplified pressure adjusting mechanism needed to keeping required pressure in the tank during the filling beer into bottles or kegs.