Accessories for the CCT-M modular fermentors

Sample valveThe sample valve (sample cock) for tasting samples of produced beverage directly from the fermentation tank during the beverage production process. It is connected to the SV port of the basic tank (TriClamp or DIN connection)

MTA armatures are optional accessories for equipping of the basic tanks of the CCT-M system. The required configuration of the modular tanks is reached by equipping the basic tank with appropriate combination of MTA armatures.

MTS-SV1-DN8TC Sampling valve sanitizable DN8TC
Sample valve
MTS-SV1-DN8TC Sampling valve sanitizable DN8TC

MTS-SV1-DN8TC Sampling valve sanitizable DN8 TC is an extension equipment  to the product sample taking during the fermantation-maturation process in the tank. Connection : Side connection (to tank SV port TriClamp) DIN 32676 “Tri Clamp” ⌀34 mm DN 8 / NW 8. The sampling valve is equipped with the hole for easy sanitizing .

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