Accessories for the CCT-M modular fermentors

Filling level indicatorThe filling level indicator allows visual monitoring an actual level of the product in the tank. Recommended to use when the tank is used for the filling beverage into bottles, kegs or cans, for dispensing beverage directly from the tank into glasses or during the filtering or pasteurizing process . The fill level indicators are often required also by custom officers to easy visual control of current alcohol beverage volume in the tank.The LIS set consists of four parts : LI1 – upper LI connection part, LI2 – lower LI connection part, LI3 – glass tube, LI4 – protector of glass tube.

MTA armatures are optional accessories for equipping of the basic tanks of the CCT-M system. The required configuration of the modular tanks is reached by equipping the basic tank with appropriate combination of MTA armatures.