Simple brewery solution for small-size restaurants and starting beer producers

BREWORX LITE-ECO 300 breweries – the price quotes for standard sets of breweries equipped with the wort brew machine Lite-ECO 300 for production of beer only from malt concentrates.

BREWORX LITE-ECO 300 breweries - the wort brew machine to production wort from malt extractBREWORX LITE-ECO 300 are craft micro breweries with simple design of all equipment. They are an ideal solutions for starting craft beer producers without experiences and brewing education. The wort brew machine has a simplified design for production of beer only from malt concentrates, not from malt. Capacity of the wort brew machine and fermentation tanks is optimalized to production of 330 liters of wort per day.

They are equipped with simplified brewhouse wort machine with industrial design and modern professional beer production equipment like cylindrical and conical beer fermentors or open fermentation vats, automatic cooling system, cleaning and sanitizing system etc. It is possible to use them to production of all known types of beer, which malt concentrates and recipes are available for.

Beer production capacities from 225 hectoliters up to 2700 hectoliters per year according to number fermentation tanks, their volume and kind beer to be produced.

Price of these brewery sets do not include installation work costs and transport costs. The costs will be calculated individually according to each place to delivery and installation. We offer the BREWORX LITE-ECO 300 breweries also in other configurations according to individual customer requirements.

More informations about the BREWORX LITE-ECO 300 breweries:

Basic configurations of the BREWORX LITE-ECO 300 breweries: