Breweries BREWORX BREWMASTER – Recommended basic configurations of small breweries that are equipped with a wort boiling machine BREWMASTER. This brewing machine has a simplified design for production of beer using only the infusion brewing method infusion, not the decoction brewing method decoction.

Wort brew machine BREWORX BREWMASTER

Very simple modular construction of these microbreweries allow easy installation of all brewery set only by customer, without our specialists, and then also easy start of your own business with craft beer production.


Scheme of example configuration of the craft brewery BREWORX BREWMASTER

These sample sets do not include labor (installation work and our assistance with start up of the equipment on place) and shipping costs. They will be calculated individually according to the place of delivery and installation. We offer microbreweries in other configurations as well. We can send our quotation for any special configuration according to your requirements.