Serving tanks with the “bag-in-box” system, horizontal, non-insulated

Pressure cylindrical stainless steel tanks with polyethylene bags inside intended to the storage, cooling and serving of carbonated beverages like beer, cider, sparkling wine, directly from tanks through dispensing towers into glasses in pubs and restaurants

Serving tanks with the “bag-in-box” system, horizontal, non-insulatedThe dispensing tanks made of stainless steel, for temporary storage of beer under pressure, for the dispensing of beer directly into beer glasses, that are designed for placing in a restaurant interior.

They include a special removable plastic bag for beer as a consumption material. It allows the pressurising of the tank by non-cleared compressed air without a contamination of beer by air, because beer is isolated from air by the plastic bag inside the tank.

This technology of the beverage serving tanks saves costs for inert gases and work time of operators.

The serving tanks of this type are non-insulated . They are cooled by cold air. Therefore the tanks must be placed in an insulated room cooled with the air chiller. This cooling box is usually separated from the restaurant with a glass sight wall.

A horizontal orientation allows to place the tanks in room with low ceiling height.

We offer these types of the DBTHN serving tanks :