BFM-30 : PEGAS CRAFTTAP 3 – Manual bottle filling system

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A manually operated system for the filling of bottles (30-60 bottles per hour). This simple bottle filling system consists of one or several devices for filling of glass bottles at 2 liters per minute.

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Pegas CraftTap3 – the manual bottle filling system

Filling beer or other carbonated beverages into glass bottles (capacity 30-60 pcs of bottles per hour)

This simple system for the filling of bottles consists of one or several devices for filling glass bottles at 2 liters per minute.

After a bartender unpacks empty bottles from a packaging, he puts a bottle on a filling tap, he starts the filling procedure and then removes the bottles with lids and stores them in selling boxes. All the bottles must be cleaned and sanitized before filling.

All parts and fasteners are made from chrome plated brass and stainless steel. This improves system resistance and ensures maximum operational reliability. (Ensure regular cleaning procedures).

The procedure of operating the BFM-30 systems differs. A bottle and also the space around the bottle is filled with CO2.

It requires training (few minutes) for operators to understand the filling procedure. Practice helps and the rate of performance is increasing quickly. The normal filling rate is 45 seconds for (1.5 liter) bottle. There is no need to buy spare parts. The one-time spending on the purchase of the device will quickly return and will soon turn into profit.


Benefits of bottling with BFM-30

  • Negligible wastage of beer – BFM-30 uses an unique system that allows the user to determine the amount of foam. Therefore, the user can reduce the waste (from 2 up to 0%).
  • High speed performance – two liters per sixty seconds -the BFM-30 manual system uses the same principles of beer filling as large factories around the world – a way of back pressure. This method ensures filling of bottles in the same way as automatic filling machines do – no foam and a speed of two liters in sixty seconds.
  • Many types of bottles – the BFM-30 gives the user the possibility to use a wide range of sizes and shapes of bottles. This device meets the individual needs of a company.
  • Space saving – the BFM-30 is a compact system that can be easily installed on any horizontal surface (table or bar in the brewery) – the space which is needed is only 350×350 mm, it adapts to everywhere.
  • Easy operation – the BFM-30 requires only a fifteen-minute training for each employee. The system works as a conventional beer dispense tap.



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Optional accessories

Short bottle adapter … € 10,-

Adapter for beer filling into small glass bottles with the PEGAS CRAFT TAP3 filling device.

Short bottle adapter for the PEGAS CRAFT 3



Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 800 mm
Control system

MC – manual


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