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KWF-19 Machine for the automatic rinsing and filling of kegs 16-19 kegs/hour

 25908 excluding tax

The KWF-19 is an equipment used for automatic rinsing and filling of kegs designed for beer, cider, wine and for other beverages. Operating capacity: kegs : 16 – 19 per hour (50L / 20 or 30 L).


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The KWF-19 is an equipment used for automatic rinsing and filling of kegs designed for beer, cider, wine and for other beverages.

Operating capacity: kegs: 16 – 19 per hour (50L / 20 or 30 L).

Keg Washer Filler KWF-19The machine was designed for cleaning and filling of kegs with a volume of 20/30/50 liters.

Material: stainless steel kegs, AISI 304 stainless steel

SIFA recommends: Masterkegs: A range of machines designed and manufactured with special hygienic measures available in different sizes and models.

The filling head was designed with to exclude any type of air contact on part of the product being processed and to ensure full sterile filling.

The washing systems were conceived to ensure:

a) A thoroughly cleaning

b) The checking and monitoring of the rinsing phase

c) in the end of every working phase – checking for the absence of liquid (in the kegs)

The systems are equipped to connect a steam-generator to heat sterilized vessels.

Control part is located in a waterproof control board and electronically controlled (by the PLC).

Our working and filling valves are made of stainless steel and, thanks to their perfect interior design, allow easy washing and sterilization, thus preventing dirt from settling.

In addition, a special solid steel construction guarantees excellent wear resistance and minimizes the need for regular maintenance



  • Stainless steel frame
  • AISI 304/316 L stainless steel product piping
  • AISI 304 L stainless steel control board
  • 5m feeder cable
  • Adjustable supporting feet
  • Keg-type regulator
  • Washing and filling function via PLC
  • Touch screen
  • Liquid-detection sensor at each rinsing, washing and steaming phase (no condensation)
  • Filling with pressure sensor and maximum liquid-level detection
  • Detergent heating via steam pocket or electrical resistance
  • Electrical outlet for connection to the feed pump
  • CIP (Clean-in-place) tank for alkaline detergent
  • CIP (Clean-in-place) tank for acidic detergent
  • Pump for the re-circulation of the basic and acidic detergents
  • Kit for the washing and sanitation of the filling heads
  • Use and maintenance manual in Italian and English



Filling range:  10-50 l
Product: Beer
Filling/washing heads:  1
Accurancy of the liter counter:  ± 0.20%
Average accuracy of filling:  ± 1.5%
Accident-prevention:  Dual buttons for cycle starting
Resistance to disinfection:  water – chemicals – steam

Max. hourly keg production: 20/30L  19
Max. hourly keg production: 50L  16

Construction Material:  Aisi 304 L stainless steel
Material which is in contact with the liquid:  Aisi 304/316 L stainless steel & EPDM/PTFE/Silicone

Height of work table (mm):  850 – 870
Dimensions WxDxH (mm):  1200x1600x 2350
Weight (Kg):  430

Filler’s installed power (kW)  1.5
Power of the resistances (kW) if present)  4.5
Number of phases  3/pe
Voltage (Volt AC)  400
Frequency (Hz)  50

Max. liquid flow rate (l/h)  3600
Product Pressure (bar)  2-2.5
Air pressure (bar)  6
Air consumption (N l/min)  200
Nitrogen pressure (l/h)  6
Nitrogen consumption (bar)  67
Water pressure (bar) (bar)  3
Water consumption (Lt/h)  400
Water flow rate (liters/hour)  3600
Heating steam (kg/h)  24
Sterilization steam (kg/h)  12

Product DN 25
Compressed air  ⅜” slide valve
Nitrogen  ⅜” gas
Detergent-heating steam  ½” gas
Sterilization steam  ½” gas
Water ¾” gas
Electricity supply  3P+T 16A




keg washing and filling cycles





126k022  Full-keg counter … 347 Eur
126k001  Modem + tele-assistance kit. Compact ps … 1029 Eur
126k201  Nitrogen cartridge … 183 Eur
126k202  Housing Nitrogen … 514 Eur
126k021  Keg-probe rinsing … 1.142 Eur
126k203  Housing steam … 846 Eur
126k204  Steam cartridge … 277 Eur
SP12706  Steam producer 18Kw (see enclosed data sheet) … 7.980 Eur
126k037   Magnetic counter of liter … 2.604 Eur
126k076   Mobile centrifugal pump 2.5 bar … 1.037 Eur
126k020   Client keg modification 2sp.+t° … 550 Eur
126k046   2m. zinc-plated idler roller conveyor … 2.351 Eur
126k025   0.5mt compact input idler roller conveyor … 885 Eur
126k026   0.5mt compact output idler roller conveyor … 885 Eur
126k096   Ending manual facilitator … 2.120 Eur
126k074   Masterkeg bayonet-head kit for washing and filling …  262 Eur
126k088   Masterkeg flat head kit for washing and filling … 262 Eur

Additional information

Weight 180 kg
Dimensions 1300 × 1700 × 2450 mm