» » » MFE-50 Flotation equipment 2500-5000 l/hour

MFE-50 Flotation equipment 2500-5000 l/hour

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MFE-50 Flotation equipment for purging of fruit juices with capacity 2500 – 5000 liters of must per hour.

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MFE-50 Flotation equipment for purging of fruit juices with capacity 2500 – 5000 liters of must per hour.


What is a flotation process

flotation-process-scheme-02Goal of all winemakers seeking higher quality of wine is lowering of content of mud and free phenols on processing of grapes and wine must. Flotation equipment for purification of fruit beverages in the tank. Flotation is most suitable way to achieve the pure fruit juice via continuous purging process. On using the method, the fruit juice is firstly pressure saturated with gas or air, and then the pressure is quickly released. Thus the releasing air or gas creates fine bubbles in the beverage, which bound the solid particles and these particles then flow upward. Therefore a compact mud cake is created on the surface of the juice. Thus the flotation is process in opposite with than sedimentation.
Adding of gelatine strengthens the mud cake and this achieves precise separation of the pure must from the mud cake. The purged must can be then pumped even after 12 hours.

Flotation with fresh air in single tank by circulation method.
Very effective and economic method is flotation with suctioning of ambient air, instead of original use of a compressor. The method is very effective for oxidation of free phenols and thus their complete elimination, which significantly affects the increased quality of wine. The single tank circulation method enables flotation and pumping of purged must within one single tank. It is also possible to add the bentonite and CO2, as well as gelatine by means of special ball valve.

Advantages of the flotation in the fruit juice purging

  • Quick and continuous processing of must
  • Significant decrease / elimination of free phenols
  • Increased clarity and amplified colour tones of wine
  • Zero risk of souring due to quick processing
  • Possible purging even red warmed musts
  • Residual mud does not exceed 1%
  • Relatively low purchase and operating costs
  • Simple and easy control


Technical specification :

  • Capacity …. 2500 – 5000 liters per hour
  • Power consumption … 3 kW


Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 1100 x 600 x 1200 mm


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