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KWFL-120 Keg washing & filling line

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The KWFL-120 is full-automatic washing, sanitizing and filling line for kegs. Operating capacity : from 100 to 120 kegs per hour ( washing + filling cycles).

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The KWFL-120 is full-automatic  washing, sanitizing and filling line for kegs.


Operating capacity : from 100 to 120 kegs per hour ( washing + filling cycles).




Saving of space with system KWFL-120 :


a)  2x KWFL-60                                                                                        b) KWFL-120





Washing and filling stations are located on the base frame, Kegs are moved manually on the input and output of the machine and workstation are pressed by a pneumatic cylinder. Programs of washing and filling are performed completely automatically. The process is controlled by an industrial PC with text display.

  • The device is designed for washing and filling of kegs from 20 to 58 liters per hour
  • The washer is in stainless steel , control panel is plastic (optional stainless steel). The device is controlled by a industrial computer .
  • Handling with kegs is automatic inside of the machine and handly in the input and output, optionaly full automatic (surcharge).
  • The machine is equipped with head set for perfect washing, sanitizing and filling of the kegs
  • Integrated CIP – if is an external CIP in brewery it is possible to not include (not recommended due to greater consumption of sanitizing solutions) .
  • Automatic control of pressure keg on head.



The device operates in the following cycles:



– Compact machine is already in the factory completely wired by cables and pipes and comes tuned and tested.
– Wash runs through pulsed spray, optionally caustic and / or acid – Every step of washing and filling process is controlled via sensors double times. Implementation is carried out carefully, with regard to the benefits of the product.
– Construction of the machine is open, accessible from all sides for easy service and the necessary manipulation.


Basic equipment

– The machine is completely made of stainless steel.
– The standard equipment includes an integrated detergent tank with chrome-nickel-steel pump (IP 54), the supply of fresh water, automatic control of level and temperature.
– Siemens or AllenBradley computer is integrated.



More than 1300 installed machines KWFL-120 on the world.



  • Three or five active washing stations + one dewatering + one filling position
  • Performances between 60 and 700 kegs / hour (multi-instalation)
  • The ability to offer an alternative duo-version
  • 2 integrated tank for hydroxide or acid
  • Optimal washing keg through pulsed spray
  • Washing head proven in operation and developed in accordance with rich experience in production
  • Filling system DFC (Direct Flow Control)


Perform. mode : washing, sanit., filling120
Volume of kegs maximum [ liters ]60
Inserting and removing kegsauto
Electrical connection3x400V /50Hz 32A
Heating2x6 kW
Pump4 x 1 kW
Control panel400V / 50Hz
Switching btw mod washing - fillingauto
Sterilisation mode (optionally)external steam
Width / mm /10500
Depth / mm /6700
Height / mm /2950
Weight /kg/8000
Average delivery time / months /4

Additional information

Weight8200 kg
Dimensions11000 × 6900 × 3100 mm


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