Manually controlled breweries with production capacity from 15001 to 20000 hectoliters of top fermented beer per year or from 9001 to 12000 hectoliters of bottom fermented beer per year.

Compact Tritank brewery system
Compact Tritank brewery system
Microbrewery BREWORX COMPACT 3002M-18000

Microbrewery BREWORX COMPACT 3002M-18000 with the brewhouse BREWORX TRITANK 3000 allows the production from 3000 to 12000 liters of beer per day. This configuration of the brewery includes set of tanks with production capacity up to 1.800.000 liters of top fermented beer or 1.080.000 liters of bottom fermented beer per year. Industrial design of the brewhouse Tritank predetermines this brewery for the most efficient production of beer.

Manual control of the boiling process, media and tanks with PLC controllers support.

Notice : This offer does not include any services that are necessary for delivery and instalation of the brewery (installation work, transport and accomodation of workers, transport of the brewery technology, start up, training of brewer …) We calculate them individividually for each project – only for your demand.













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