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MMR-100 Malt mill 2.2 kW 400-700 kg/h – hardened rollers

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A mill designed for a preparation of malt with production capacity from 400 to 700 kg per hour. The MM-700 roller mill is a device made for a crushing of grains.  We recommend using this model for microbreweries with a volume of the brewhouse up to 1500 liters.

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A mill designed for a preparation of malt with production capacity from 400 to 700 kg per hour.

The MMR-100 roller mill is a device made for a crushing of grains.  We recommend using this model for microbreweries with a volume of the brewhouse up to 1500 liters.


Machine reliability guarantee

The machine has been produced since 1993. Tested and approved by the State testing laboratory for agricultural, forest and food processing machines according to law No. 30/1968 on state testing. A declaration of conformity was issued to this machine according to law No. 22/1997 Coll. A definite evaluation of this product was made by the Czech State veterinary administration


The speed and direction of the rotating grinding roller are derived from the drive roller, which rotates in the opposite direction to the second drive roller, the cylinders are connected by means of an intermediate gear wheel with a ratio of 1: 2.

The speed and direction of the cylinder are based on a drive roller that rotates in the opposite direction to the drive roller; The rollers are connected by a gear ratio of 1: 1 ratio.

Alternatively, the product can be delivered without a stand. (with a wall shelf or a similar steel frame)                                .

The stand is made of welded steel tubes and has a rectangular contour and it has a good stability.

Removable steel frame in which working rollers are placed. The drive roller is firmly assembled in bearings and is driven by an electric motor with V-belts. The second roller is assembled in a sliding guide. The rollers have an opposite direction of rotation. There is a device (driven by electric motor) to fit bags in the bottom part of the case.

A hopper completes the device so that it is possible to operate with the device either by a conveyor or manually.


Technical parameters :

Electromotor … 2.2 kW 3ph 400V 50Hz

Milling capacity … from 400 to 700 kg of malt per hour

Weight … 163 kg



Material and surface protection

The device is made mainly of steel – grade 11 (with regard to the functionality of the components, their wear resistance and good welding properties). The machine surface is protected by paint. All parts are standardized Czech-made elements.



The machine is designed to operate in a flammable dust environment with a maximum temperature of + 40 ° C and a minimum temperature of -20 ° C. All electrical equipment corresponds with Czech standards.
The machine was designed to operate under mild climatic conditions and has an IP 54 rating.



Packaging, transport and storage

The roller machine is not covered. The customer should arrange the delivery (the manufacturer is able to deliver the machine upon an agreement). Before the installation, it is necessary to store the roller machine in such a way that it is protected from damage and climatic influences.


Claims and warranty

The manufacturer, according to production documents, is responsible for the operation, used material and machine production.
The manufacturer warrants the machine for the period specified in the warranty certificate provided that the customer uses the machine in accordance with this manual.

The warranty does not apply in these cases:

  • The machine was used for other purposes than those it was designed for
  • The handling was improper (wrong operation, storage, insufficient maintenance)
  • The customer has the machine modified without the manufacturer’s written agreement
  • The warranty is applied according to Law No. 09/64 Coll., in the full text of Law No. 80/89 Coll. and amendment No 103/90 Coll.



Every repair during the warranty period and after-sales repairs are carried out by the manufacturer who guarantees service under the terms of the sales contract or operating conditions.The customer has the right to know the service terms before signing the contract.

Why choose just this malt mill?

1. Hopper and protection against dirt

The capacity of the hopper corresponds to the capacity of the machine. The hopper is equipped with a sophisticated protective mechanism that regulates the amount of processed raw material. In the event of a sudden increase in the gap between the rolls as a result of ingress of lumps of malt or undesirable impurities this mechanism works as a quick shutter. The peak parameters of the hardness of the cylinders can not be achieved practically without increasing the brittleness of the surfaces of the rollers. Therefore, it is necessary to protect these cylinders against metallic and mineral impurities larger in size, which will not keeped by the grid in the hopper. For this case, all MMR machines are equipped with unique mechanisms for the immediate safe divergence off of the adjustable cylinder when the dirt is going through. This makes the hard object between the rollers pass without damaging the surface of the cylinder shell. Simultaneously with the safety moving of the cylinders, the supply of material from the hopper to the cylinders is closed, and thus there is no way to let the contamined raw material to go through out up to the wort brew machine.

2. Stable and precision gearbox with cylinders

The basis of trouble-free operation is a rigid and precisely designed main case with the gearbox and drive, in which two horizontal working cylinders are mounted. The correct operation is ensured by proven gears and a reliable mechanism that changes the position of one of the cylinders depending on the momentary load and thus the size of the gap between cylinders, and ensures always safe rolling-off of both cylinders without danger of their damage.

3. Cured cylinders

The very long life of the cylinders is achieved by the use of special high quality steel as well as by combining several process techniques for the surface coating of the cylinders. As a result, the abrasive wear of the cylinders is several times smaller than how it is usual in cylinders made of the finest cast iron, cast steel or hardened steel cylinders used by other world manufacturers.

4. Guaranteed parallelism between the axes of both cylinders.

Malt milling machines of most manufacturers in the world, which are based on the independent mounting of the two roller bearings of the movable cylinder, can not ensure the ideal parallelism of the two cylinders and thus the same size of the gap between rollers on entire length. In MMR machines, the movable cylinder forms a rigid system that prevents the axis of the moving cylinder deflecting from a precisely defined position.

5. Reliable gearbox

The torque from the electric motor to the drive roller shaft is transmited by belts. The driven adjustable roller is driven from the drive roller by gear wheels. One gear wheel is made of special mass. Such a gear has a high service life, proven by long-term load of our machines at many our customers. The transmission gear does not require lubrication and has a low noise level.

6. Various installation options

The crushing unit with the rollers is either attached to a stand from a tubular frame placed on the floor or suspended by a cantilevered wall mount. Individual adjustments can be made for the frame and console. The electrical connection is done simply by inserting the standardized fork into the socket in the electrical wiring panel on the machine from the local socket wiring. Machines are most commonly used on their own, but they are rarely as part of production lines. Handling and loading raw material into the hopper is performed manually, or to eliminate physical strain and time saving, the machine may be placed under the hopper outlet or the screw conveyor from room with store of malt is inserted into the hopper from upside. The milled malt is discharged to the suspended bag or to a screw conveyor connected to dosing, mixing, transport, storage of malt scrap. Otherwise the milled malt may been falling directly into the wort machine.

7. Simple and maintenance-free operation

All controls are available from one side of the machine. During operation, it is only necessary to regulate the milling fineness setting and the amount of incomming raw material feeded from the hopper. The machine placed on bagging stand requires the operator to manually handle both empty and filled bags, fixing of bags under machine, and keep control of the fill rate. Few necessary maintenance tasks is to be done only when replacing the damaged rolled up rollers.




  1. Stand – simple stand with the bag holder made from steel pipes to easy installation of the bags under the malt milling unit.
  2. Control panel – The power cabinet with all electric signal, control and power elements designed to powering and control of the milling machine. The control panel has to be placed on the wall near of the machine.
  3. Electromagnetic separator of metal parts and the hopper lid – The optional accessory for the malt mill for increase the purity of malt squeezing process. Its function is the separation of metal parts from milled malt above rollers.


Optional parts
Stand with the bag holder included
Electro wiring cabinet with the control panel included
Electromagnetic separator of metal parts with the hopper lid EMPS-4 699 €

Additional information

Weight 163 kg
Dimensions 1200 × 800 × 1600 mm


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