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KWFL-32 Keg washing & filling line

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The KWFL-32 is full-automatic  washing, sanitizing and filling line for kegs with volume from 10 liters to 50 liters. Operating capacity : from 28 to 32 kegs per hour ( washing + filling cycles). Compact machine is already in the factory completely wired by cables and pipes and comes tuned and tested. Wash runs through pulsed spray, optionally caustic and / or acid – Every step of washing and filling process is controlled via sensors.

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The KWFL-32 is full-automatic  washing, sanitizing and filling line for kegs with volume from 10 liters to 50 liters.

Operating capacity : from 28 to 32 kegs per hour ( washing + filling cycles).

Keg washing and filling line KWFL-32

For the filling and washing of stainless steel kegs : a range of machines designed and made with special care paid to hygiene and available in different sizes and models.

The entire structure of the machine and the parts that are contact with the liquid are entirely made out of AISI 304 stainless steel. The filling head was conceived with careful detail to exclude any type of contact with air on the part of the product being worked and to ensure a filling
that’s completely sterile.

The washing systems were conceived to ensure:

  1. A good cleaning
  2. The checking and monitoring of the rinsing phase
  3. At the end of every work phase, the checking for the absence of liquid in the kegs, thus confirming the impossibility of unwanted rackings so as to be able to provide the assurance that the discharge phase has occurred.

The systems are fitted for the connection with a steam-generator for hot sterilization of the containers. The command and
control parts are positioned in a watertight control board and electronically managed thanks to the use of a PLC. Our valves for the controlling of the washing and filling cycles are made out of turned-ingot stainless steel and, thanks to their perfect internal finishing, allow for easy washing and sterilization, thereby preventing filth and grime from settling. In addition, the special solid steel structure guarantees excellent resistance to wear and minimizes the need for ordinary maintenance operations.



kwfl-32 keg washing and filling cycles


Technical specifications

Keg filling range  10-50 l
Product handled  Wine and similar liquids
Washing heads  1
Filling heads  1
Liter counter accuracy  ± 0.20%
Average filling accuracy  ± 1.5%
Accident-prevention protection  Barriers with stop blocks
Sanitization – sterilization  Water-chemical-Steam

Max. hourly keg production 20/30 l  32
Max. hourly keg production 50 l  28

Construction material  Aisi 304 L stainless steel
Material in contact with the liquid  Aisi 304/316L stainless steel & EPDM/PTFE/Silicone

Height of the work table (mm)  870
Dimensions WxDxH (mm)  5500x1600x2350
Weight (Kg)  770

Power of the filler (kW)  1.5
Power of the resistances (kW) if present  4.5
Number of phases  3/pe
Voltage (Volt AC)  400
Frequency (Hz)  50

Max. liquid flow rate (l/h)  3600
Product Pressure (bar)  2-2.5
Air pressure (bar)  6
Air consumption (N l/min)  367
Nitrogen pressure (bar)  6
Nitrogen consumption (N l/min)  134
Water pressure (bar)  3
Water flow rate (liters/hour)  800
Heating steam (kg/h)  24
Sterilization steam (kg/h)  18

Product DN 25
Compressed air  ⅜” slide valve
Nitrogen  ⅜” gas
Detergent-heating steam  ½” gas
Sterilization steam  ½” gas
Water ¾” gas
Electricity supply  3P+T 16A





Additional information

Weight 800 kg
Dimensions 5800 × 1700 × 2450 mm

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