Brew machines for the production of hopped wort. The most important technical step in the beer production process is the brewing of the wort. Milled malt or malt extract is mixed with water an then is boiled with the hops to produce the final product – wort.

The wort machine (we call this machine Brewhouse) is the main part of each brewery. It is a compact system whose primary function is the production of wort, using a boiling process and a wort cooling process. Hopped wort is an intermediate in beer production – it is a sugary fluid from water, malt and hop or from their extracts.
The next phase of the beer production cycle is the fermentation and the maturation of the wort. At the end of the fermentation process we get the resulting product – beer.

The wort machine usually consists of several parts:
1. Malt mashing & boiling tank – heated vessel for the mixing of the scraped malt in water, boiling of malt mash
2. Wort boiling tank – heated vessel for the boiling of wort with hops.
3. Lauter tun – tank with special sieve for the filtration of malt mash (separation of liquid wort from solid parts of malt)
4. Whirlpool – tank equipped with a tangential inlet for centrifugal separation of solid parts from hopped wort (this vessel may be designed also as an external part)
– Basic frame with work platform (excluding the smallest brewing machines)
– Pipe system with pumps
– Motors with agitators for mixing and cutting of malt mash
– Wort cooler (may be used as external part)
– Wort aeration candle (may be used as external part)
– Electric system for measuring and manual or automatic control of the wort brewing process.

The hot water tank and a tank for cold water are usually an external accessories of the brewing machine.

For some of the simpler types of wort machines, some containers are omitted or functions of more vessels are integrated to one combi-tank.