Typical kits of modular small craft breweries Breworx MODULO in basic configurations. Micro Breweries BREWORX MODULO CLASSIC and BREWORX MODULO LITE-ME are simple brewery sets that may be assembled only by customer without our technician specialists. The modular design allows for easy expansions of the brewery simply by connecting additional modular blocks – for example compact fermentation units, CIP stations, stations for filling of beer into bottles or kegs etc.

Microbreweries BREWORX MODULO excel in their revolutionary modular solution that compared to microbreweries from other manufacturers have many advantages which are ideal for beginning producers of beer.

An acquisition of a microbrewery is in comparison to other catering equipment usually fairly expensive investment. Few people can afford to buy a microbrewery in a configuration that corresponds to the production capacity planned for several years in advance. Therefore, it is reasonable to build a microbrewery gradually in small steps, and the capacity and equipment of the microbrewery will be increased in years, when volumes the sale of beer is equal to investor´s plans. The reducing the initial configuration to the minimum eliminates significant business risk and minimizes loss in case of failure of the business.
Microbreweries BREWORX MODULO fully comply with this cautious strategy. Their modular design allows you to start making beer in the smallest possible volume with the minimum of investment. It is then possible to expand the microbrewery and retrofit it like a kit – step by step, modul after modul. You can simply purchase additional fermentation units, modul with storage tanks, the CIP station, rinsing and filling station for beer kegs, equipment to filling beer into bottles and other equipment, which the brewery may not have in the beginning.
The construction of the microbrewery is designed so that the assembly and start up of the microbrewery can be made by a customer using only the assembly manual. The brewery can be easily rebuilt, expanded or changed by customer without the need for costly work of the professional assembly team. The moduls of the brewery are connected each other by flexible hoses and cables with quick disconnect fittings. For the assembly of the brewery virtually no special equipment is needed. For easy handling the components the modules are provided with casters that may be replaced with adjustable feet at the final place.
Nevertheless, we can offer professional installation and activation of the microbrewery by workers of our production company if our customer requires it.

Scheme of example configuration of the modular brewery BREWORX MODULO

Block scheme of microbrewery Modulo - expanded configuration